Affordably built to last: Durasteel

If build price is an issue, and let’s face it, build price is always an issue, chances are there is a fabulous option you haven’t considered.

It is suitable for first-homers, families, retirees, and investors. It could be a home, a bach, a studio, or a workshop.

Designed and built in Canterbury, Durasteel Structures specialise in providing cost-effective building projects. “We do this by taking a unique approach that differs from traditional building methods,” says director Brent Collins.

“Our builds are strong and structurally secure because of our design approach. Our steel frames use up to 33% more steel than other manufacturers. Our company focus is quality.” The portal mainframe is C250. “We’ve chosen this because it is stronger and lighter than any comparable product,” adds Brent.

The builds all feature a steel floor subframe and an extremely lightweight structure. “Our homes are ideal for relocation because of their strength and weight,” says Brent. “We also keep gib-type internal linings to a minimum. It means you get little to no gib cracking on relocation or if we have earthquakes.” The steel portal frame and panels flex beautifully during seismic events. “The materials used in our structure promise extreme strength and all-round durability,” explains Brent.

If you have always considered steel more of an industrial material, you’ll be amazed at the beauty of the homes created by this team. “We are happy to facilitate custom-designed ventures in the commercial and industrial arena, if you are building for a business or a hobby,” says Brent.

The team is proud of the thermal superiority of their builds. “The R-values reached by the PIR panels used on both our walls and roofs are superior to virtually any comparable product,” says Brent.

They have also chosen UPVC windows for their non thermal conductivity and general superiority as a product. “We like to use larger than normal floor-to-ceiling windows to allow for natural light throughout,” says Brent.

The materials are locally sourced where practicable. “The nature of the materials we use means we have a brilliantly fast build time. We can often be complete in approximately
10 weeks,” explains Brent. “Even better, almost all the products we use are backed by large local manufacturers who happily stand behind their products.”

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