Bird spotting in Hanmer

Birdwatchers, or “twitchers” as they’re also known, are everywhere and luckily, close to Christchurch, the Hanmer region is home to some of our most colourful feathered friends.

If you’re a twitcher, pack your binoculars, and your camera, and check out some of these species. Wander through the bush and you’ll hear it ringing with birdsong.

Stay quiet and hidden and see how many you can spot.

Birds found in the region:

  • Roroa (great-spotted kiwi)
  • Mohua (yellowhead)
  • Kākā (olive-brown parrot)
  • Kea (alpine parrot)
  • Kākāriki-whero (orange-fronted parakeet)
  • Whio (blue duck)
  • Kererū (wood pigeon)
  • Tūī
  • Korimako (bellbird)
  • Pīwakawaka (fantail)
  • Miromiro (tomtit)
  • Riroriro (grey warbler)
  • Titipounamu (rifleman)
  • Kārearea (New Zealand falcon)

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