Benefits of Keratin: Kiri10

Keratin is an extremely strong protein that is crucial to biological activity within the body and the development of healthy skin, hair and nails.

The key to achieving the strongest benefits from keratin is by using keratin that is biologically active which can be found in sheep’s wool.

The best sheep to use are New Zealand grown, with our clean, open field, pasture-fed
sheep farming practices.

When, Natalie Harrison (pictured), was losing handfuls of hair and had brittle and painful nails, she saw major improvements from using keratin pills. Thus in 2020 she began the Kiri10 brand.
Kiri10 supplement capsules, Glow, are carefully created with keraGEN-IV™.

Healthy levels of this Functional Keratin® support the growth of strong hair follicles, anchoring each strand deeply into the scalp.

The keraGEN-IV™ in Kiri-Glow may also help promote tight, vibrant skin by protecting cells that create the outer layer of the skin, support strong, robust nails, and protect against oxidative stress.

Overall, Kiri-Glow supports the health of supple skin, luxurious hair, and strong nails by providing an excellent source of key building blocks and nutrients, says Natalie.

To learn more about Kiri 10 supplements and Natalie’s story visit her website.


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