Belt up

Not just a tool for holding pants up, a belt combines practicality with sophistication and accentuation.

For definition through oversized or baggy clothing, to cinch a waist and create an hourglass effect, or to add another dimension or colour to a monochrome look, a belt is your best friend.

To create the illusion of longer legs, pair a sleek tailored pant with a belt and a French-tucked top or knit. It’s an accessory with many strengths.

Through breaking up an outfit or accentuating the middle of your body, belts offer a splash of drama and a luxe upgrade to the look. Aim to tie it in through another colour on your body.

A black belt pairs seamlessly with a sleek black boot, while a brown belt works nicely to tie in a brown leather bag. Use a silver or gold buckle to draw out tones of silver or gold through your jewellery. Always match the aesthetic of the belt you choose with the tone of the outfit you’re wearing.

A belt is a wonderful way to wear your favourite brand, with a friendly price tag compared with a bag or garment. Like the classic Hermes belt or Gucci’s infamous double G number, brand logos have adorned the buckles of belts for years.

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