Bell bottoms

Bell of the Ball

Bell bottoms are swinging their way back into our wardrobes this season.


Bell of the Ball


It’s funny to think that this fashion style was originally created for sailors to readily roll up their trousers, when on messy deck duty. The ’60s has since embraced this look and the ’70s exaggerated it even further. But now, you don’t have to wait for the next fancy-dress party. This fabulous, fun and surprisingly flattering fashion statement will be swooshing down a street near you. Twiggy, Mary Quant, Cher and Farrah Fawcett have handed the trend over to celebs from Katie Holmes to Kate Beckinsale, who relish in the practical comfortableness and sassy style.

Unlike the former bootleg cut, the truest bell bottoms flare from the knee and can also start flaring out loosely from the thigh. The bottom can be as wide as the retro originals at around 65cms. They are not exactly the satin-white Abba variety – this season’s bell bottoms are beautifully boho in dusky denims and suedes and flower-child prints, through to the sharp electric hues of this summer. They are great-fitting, like the NYDJ jeans, and high-waisted this time round – a pair of high heels are a must to balance out all that fabric.

It will be so nice to slip your jeans on without having to take your shoes off first. And the down-to-the-ground length covers the craziest of heels. Anything that creates a bit of longer-leg magic will be whole heartedly embraced. I would like to place a bet that this look may very well linger on!



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