Bejewelled with the dragon

Welcome to the Year of the Dragon, beginning this Lunar New Year, on 10 February, and symbolising power, nobility, honour, luck, and success.

Many people across the globe rely on the Chinese Zodiac to guide them through life. From clothing, to jewellery, to life events, and interior design, they look to their zodiac counterparts for help. In the appearance world, jewellery retailers, Walker & Hall, and Swarovski are among those to release collections honouring the Year of the Dragon. The Swarovski collection features the mythical dragon and phoenix, blending the strength of one and the harmony of the other to represent good luck and prosperity. Here are some other pieces to look out for:

Dragon & Phoenix pendant, Dragon’s claw, white, rose gold tone plated, Find Me: Swarovski.
Dragon & Phoenix stud earrings, Dragon’s claw, white, rose gold tone plated
Dragon & Phoenix bracelet, Dragon’s claw, red, rose gold tone plated, Find Me: Swarovski.
9kt Yellow Gold Year Of The Dragon pendant, Find Me: Walker & Hall.
Dragon dress, Find Me: Silk Laundry.

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