Basket Case

Basket Case

Where would we be without baskets? Used since ancient times to carry water, store household items and keep food dry, not much has changed as we continue to see the intrinsic value of baskets in our day to day lives.


Basket Case

As we increasingly seek alternatives to plastic, baskets boast that eco-luxury appeal and savvy shoppers are opting for a more natural alternative like these to highlight their homes.

Basketry is truly an art form that utilises grasses, pine straw, stems and even animal hair to design beautifully intricate creations that are used all over the world.

Nothing says organisation like a tidy row of matching shelf-bound baskets for storage. Mixing sets of muted toned baskets of varying shapes and sizes is ideal for easy decor.

Keep it simple for the kids by purchasing all the same baskets in bold colours so that everyone can keep their own belongings nice and tidy.



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