Art for acquiring and admiring: Tait Gallery

A piece of art or original design, whatever medium it takes, is something to take pleasure in and treasure for years to come.

It might be an original painting, a piece of jewellery or a sculpture that attracts you, but you will know immediately a piece that must come home with you.

Galleries that exhibit a wide range of fine art are a joy to visit. In Hanmer Springs, the Tait Gallery is such a place. Owner William Taylor says the gallery staff truly enjoy interacting with visitors and offering advice about various works, their history and authenticity all intermingled with a touch of humour and relaxing music.

In the two display spaces is an eclectic range of paintings, both modern and traditional, by established and emerging artists. There is also a wide range of jewellery, from well-loved to modern, including that of Adele Stewart, Ringcraft Moana, Talbot Silver, Rangiatea, South Shore, and Peter Fraser. Bronze sculptures, Hanmer pottery, pounamu, Nelson glassware, and antique collectables are also on view, and there is a very popular children’s section.

With no charge to enter the gallery, opposite Crazy Putt at 34 Conical Hill Road, and open every day except Wednesday, you’ll discover exquisite artwork at Tait Gallery.

Visit the website or phone William on 027 4325 914.

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