Lushingtons Garden Gifts & Café

An oasis of treats: Lushingtons Garden Gifts & Café

Lushingtons Garden Gifts & Café is an oasis of treats for the tummy, home and garden. Providing the perfect stop for lunch and a stretch of the legs en route to and from Christchurch, it’s even better for a day out.


Lushingtons Garden Gifts & Café


One of Ashburton’s ‘in the know’ pleasures, Lushingtons is the ideal spot to meet friends, have lunch, stroll the garden centre and browse the giftware. Delighting the senses and lifting the spirits, once here it’s not easy to leave. Co-owners and sisters Miranda Sinton and Sophie Duff are locals who grew up on a farm in Mayfield. They’ve brought their love of the wholesome and artisan to Lushingtons, where the plants, great food and gorgeous gifts have been nurtured for nine years.


Lushingtons Garden Gifts & Café


The garden centre is Miranda’s first love. It is award-winning and known for its beautiful displays. Local and sustainable are watchwords, and the team strives for quality in the plants, most of which are grown in the nursery at Allenton. Sophie’s passion is the café and together the sisters run the giftware store. The store is large and well-stocked with a focus on the desirable French and English Country style.


In the café, you’ll find delicious wholesome and homemade cakes and slices, plus full breakfast, lunch and sides menus, catering for both gluten free and vegetarian diners.


Lushingtons Garden Gifts & Café

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