Agricultural emissions: Mike Smith

The Māori Climate Platform wants government to confront the issue at the core of Aotearoa’s high greenhouse gas emissions, our agricultural sector.

Mike Smith, spokesperson for Māori Climate Platform

The scientific consensus on the pressing need for climate action is unwavering. Our stance is equally steadfast. Aotearoa can’t afford to dally when it comes to cutting these emissions.
Bold, swift action must be taken to secure our collective future, and the well-being of Papatūānuku, our Mother Earth.

Aotearoa is renowned for its unique landscapes and strong agricultural economy. Still, these same farmlands are responsible for nearly half of our nation’s greenhouse gas emissions, largely due to enteric fermentation from ruminant animals, and also from nitrogen-based fertilisers.

We can’t ignore this. It is the beating heart of our emissions problem, and it must be addressed head-on.
We are calling upon the government to urgently implement robust legislation to enforce significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions from the agriculture sector, ensuring all new policies align with our obligations under the Paris Agreement.

Government also needs to provide both financial and technical support for farmers transitioning to sustainable practices, recognising that they are crucial partners in this essential transition.

We must invest in research and development for clean, innovative farming practices and technologies that will drive down emissions without jeopardising the vitality of our agriculture sector.

Included in that should be open dialogue with the agriculture sector and wider public, to ensure policies are both fair and effective.

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