Agile workspaces: Ricoh New Zealand

Did you know that approximately 64 percent of business premises are the wrong size or designed inefficiently?

Blair Vinson, Ricoh New Zealand Senior Account Manager

Modern workplaces have evolved significantly during the past three years, catering for different work styles, hours and needs. Enter the hybrid – or agile – workplace.

Essentially these digitally enhanced spaces support hybrid work forces and also new work styles.
To support those environments, today’s workplace demands require a new approach to organising and right-sizing business real estate, whether you need to bring everyone back, just a few, or to implement a customised hybrid programme.

Why go agile? Recent research showed that many businesses globally are using as little as 20 percent of their office space, now that more people are remote working, spaces were found to be the wrong size, or not designed efficiently, indicating huge inefficiencies in use and related costs.
Ricoh NZ designs, configures and rolls-out digital workspaces, enabling business teams to collaborate effectively and get more out of their day, wherever they work. This also makes it easier to engage with customers remotely using Microsoft Teams and Zoom technology.

It’s not only about big ideas and it’s not only about thinking outside the square. Small ideas are just as powerful. To find out how to achieve big leaps through small steps, give me a call on 021 675 873.

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