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If, oddly enough, you’re not a supermodel and you do actually have to get out of bed for significantly less than $10,000 a day, that bed should ensure you get a wonderful night’s sleep.

No matter what the sleep hygienists tell us, the 21st century bed also functions as a haven for leisure and chillaxing time. Reading, writing, scrolling, streaming, movie marathons, face timing, – we expect to do it all from our bed. For some it’s the very nerve centre from which we run our lives

Just imagine though, if that bed you spend so much time in, was adjustable. You could raise it and lower it to the exact angle you need to do all of those things. No more holding the iPad at a bicep busting angle, or engaging in a tussle with the pillows before you can melt into the morning latté.

Once seen as the province of the old and the infirm, adjustable beds now come in options to suit everyone who puts lifestyle first. Bedworld has a stunning range of adjustable beds ranging from Long Single and King Single, through to Queen, King, and Super King sized with individual split mattress, adjustable bases, and independent remotes. “Adjustable beds are a specialty and a passion,” says Mark Elliott of Bedworld, “and each bed comes with a 10-year guarantee, or 20 years on the deluxe and supreme models.”

The mattress selection is impressive: there are kids’ mattresses, latex, memory foam, pocket spring, and conventional spring systems. All are made by prestigious brands such as Sealy, Sleepmaker, Beauty Rest, Mazon Virtali, Woola, Sleepsystems, and Design Mobel. Warranties extend to 20 years for memory foam mattresses.

“We carry so many prestigious brands of both adjustable and conventional beds, and mattresses too. Our experienced and friendly team work with you to find exactly the right products to meet your lifestyle and comfort needs,” says Mark, “plus we are very proud of our after sales service and warranty programmes, they are particularly important when you are buying a bed, and especially an adjustable bed.”

Trend Alert

Bunk beds and spare room beds are always in hot demand during the holiday period, and mid-January sees the arrival of new luxury storage bed styles.

“We are responding to increasing calls for beds with storage built in,” says Mark.

“It is driven by the trend to smaller town house and apartment living, as well as the desire for the sleek minimalist look. Tucking things away but retaining easy access to them in bed joinery is genius.”

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