Adding bling to your bach

For many, bach living is back to basics and the yearly relaxation exodus that allows us all to disconnect in order to reconnect.

There is nothing basic however about the line-up of the new essentials we’ve selected, a mix of old world meets new, to jazz up your bach. No matter how easy bach living is, these essentials take ease to the next level.

Bach bling includes eco cutlery, macrame and succulents that are all on trend for this season of sandals. A classic deck of playing cards will pass the hours and a foam sleeve, be it a coozie or a stubby holder, will keep your drink as chilled as you are.

The benefits of getting gone are endless so put away the cell phone and recharge yourself with Metropol’s selections of the best for your bach.

Retro plant hangers


Eco friendly bamboo utensils
Tea for two


Low maintenence potted succulents


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