A sip of Europe: Sala Coffee

Since the first recorded sip of this aromatic brown liquid, through to today’s coffee shop culture, coffee has become a staple.

For some even, a necessity, and takes prime placement in many pantries around the world, New Zealand being no exception. Indeed, coffee is a way of life in this country.

One joint in Christchurch aiming to provide its customers with the best coffee in the city is Wigram’s Sala Coffee. It refers to itself as a “specialty coffee shop,” one with its roots in Europe.

Co-owner and barista extraordinaire Eduardo Santos trained in London with some of the pioneers of specialty coffee there.

Filter coffee is a feature of the coffees brewed at the coffee shop. Co-owner Jay Lee says that there is nowhere to hide with filter coffee, because this style is all about the beans. “Filter brewing is celebrated for its simplicity and ability to highlight the nuanced taste notes of the different beans,” says Jay. “It is also important to select the best milk available to complement the beans. We use A2 unhomogenised milk for a sweeter flavour.”

To accompany your very special cup of coffee, Sala has a variety of food made fresh daily. Focaccia sandwiches, cakes, pastries, scones, and brownies are lovingly crafted by Jay’s well-oiled hands on-site.


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