A fulfilling lifestyle change: Arvida St Albans

Keeping active and in touch with your community is one key to happiness as we age. Metropol caught up with Laura Evans from Arvida St Albans to explore their approach to aged care.

How does Arvida help residents maintain a sense of community?

Each day people can choose to get together for activities, interactions, and experiences. It can be maintaining an interest in gardening with our veggie pods, there’s a craft room and onsite cafe. Plus we have multiple beautiful lounges for residents, friends and family to mingle.

Balancing needs while encouraging autonomy is important, how does Arvida do this?

Our community values individuality and freedom of choice. This means you get to call the shots about how your day unfolds, such as when to eat breakfast and what activities to do.

Moving into a retirement facility can be daunting, what do you do to help the transition?

We work closely with Senior Move Managers to take the stress out of moving. Their new home will be set up how they want it and new arrivals will meet their wellness leaders, be introduced to neighbours and be invited to join activities.

From independent apartments to care centre rooms, find out about the options by visiting the website.


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