A charming place to be wed: Mona Vale Homestead

Mona Vale’s Homestead is the epitome of charm, providing an exquisite backdrop for weddings of any style.

With its immaculate white Hampton chairs and fun lawn games, it’s no surprise that this venue is highly sought after by brides and grooms alike.

The Homestead has a seating capacity of 110 upstairs, making it an ideal choice for larger weddings. The Garden View room downstairs is an attractive space for smaller intimate weddings. Or The Iris Lawn marquee is a popular option, adding glamour to any special occasion and accommodating more guests. Mona Vale’s dedicated staff strive to make the planning process and event itself as stress-free as possible. With their in-house catering team, personal on-site planner, and local industry connections, everything is taken care of, allowing you to focus on creating unforgettable memories with loved ones.

“We were impressed with how seamlessly the staff were able to multitask. Everything lived up to our expectations and more” was how the latest bride and groom that got married at Mona Vale described their special day.

Mona Vale’s emphasis on food, service, and style ticks all the boxes, providing the perfect setting for an elegant and sophisticated wedding. To discover more about this remarkable venue, visit their website or call 03 341 7450.


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