A central physio hub: The Muscle People

The face of our central city has changed dramatically as the rebuild of Christchurch has progressed.

We now have an urban centre with innovative and bold developments, the results of fresh ideas and big thinking.

The city is far from complete yet. Another project that is causing considerable excitement in the community is the construction of the new YMCA (the Y) facility on Rolleston Ave.

Especially interested in this development is Muscle People, Physiotherapists. “We’ve been a long-time partner of the Y,” says Charise Walter, Muscle People’s Practice Manager.

“Our city practice is co-located in the Y’s building, and we share a common vision of empowering members of the community to get the most out of life. Both of our organisations like to provide a warm, welcoming environment where everyone is treated with respect, and can feel comfortable. The new building increases the amount of space we have to offer all our services. The building is scheduled to open in October.

“That’s not long to wait. To say we are super excited would be an understatement.” In the meantime, the city practice is in the current YMCA building right in the heart of town, and close to all the city attractions. It hums with activity across its various programmes and services. The energetic team of physios treat a range of ailments, from sports and work injuries, headaches, and migraines, and back and neck pain, to postural problems, arthritis, pre and post-operation rehab and concussion. Physiotherapy is the core of what they do.

No matter the problem, they can help you move from pain to performance and gain a healthier way of life.

Muscle People runs a variety of training programmes:

Functional Training
Designed to improve movements that directly relate to your everyday
life or sport, by enhancing the coordinated working relationship between
the muscular and nervous systems. This is exercise with purpose.

Running Assessments
Gives guidance that will improve your running technique, building
a foundation of quality movement, therefore reducing the risk of
ongoing injuries.

Dynamic Spine programme
A well known programme, the Dynamic Spine programme has been developed to strengthen the core, which in turn supports the strength, mobility, and healing of the spine. Neck, upper back, and lower back pain as well as core and postural weaknesses are all addressed within Dynamic Spines. This programme is currently on offer at the Bishopdale and
Wigram clinics and will return to the City Clinic soon.

Muscle People offers the full package of physio and training services. Parking available on-site. Book online at www.musclepeople.co.nz, ring
961 0236 or send email them at – admin@musclepeople.co.nz


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