25 years of constant change

25 years of constant change

Operating for 25 years in the tech industry is a significant milestone. CommArc Consulting Ltd recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, its longevity achieved through the company’s ethos of building partnerships and trust with its customers, as well as having flexibility to cope with the change that is inherent in operating in technology.


25 years of constant change


When Phil Johnson started CommArc in 1993, the World Wide Web was two years old and New Zealand’s first website – a directory for Victoria University – was barely out of the starting blocks. Back then CommArc had three staff and specialised in building computer networks. Phil saw the company as bridging the gap between those who sell technology and those who use it. He still sees CommArc’s job as helping customers navigate their way through their technology journey.

CommArc’s achievements are many and varied – from building the entire platform for the census, to creating the system that drives our largest skifields and engineering the platform that allowed EQC to operate after the Canterbury earthquakes. CommArc also specialises in providing IT solutions for law firms, requiring very specific know-how and experience. CommArc is a truly independent company, refusing to push particular products or brands, but recommending the best of breed for each individual IT requirement.

Phil says what has been really exciting for him over the 25 years is the courage to reposition CommArc for future developments. “In an industry that changes at a phenomenal pace, to be in the right position to be bold enough to predict for us and our customers what’s coming – we’ve always had that modernist approach to business.”



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