12 hours in North Canterbury

Stave off the cold weather blues with a day trip dash to the charm of North Canterbury. Take it easy, enjoying the simple things in life, food and company.

Pack a picnic first, and plan to leave home around 8am. On the drive up, stop for a bite at one of the local culinary delights in Pegasus, or Rangiora and beyond if you drive further inland. Fuel up for the day, with so many spots to choose from in the bigger towns, and a plethora of hidden gems too.

On the outskirts of Oxford and Glentui, find hills and peaks galore to gaze or take a hike upon. If you’re lucky, you might notice a dusting of snow, yet regardless, a gorgeous view. Settle in a grassy area with a picnic table and enjoy your picnic, and a mocktail or two, or find another local spot to dine, and indulge in the retail scene.

Finish a relaxing day by supporting a local craft brewery or restaurant. Tick off taking yourself out of your comfort zone for the day and try a meal or drink you would not normally choose. Alternatively, consider sharing plates with your friends or family to taste a range of new flavours.

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