Why Waitaki?

For some, a trip away can be as spontaneous as hopping in the car and hitting the road, while others may need a bit more persuasion. Whether you’re a serendipitous sort or a research-driven roamer, Metropol puts together the answers to the question, “why Waitaki?”


Moeraki boulders.


IT’S BOLD: Moeraki Boulders Beach is a popular tourist destination and any geologist’s dream. Its large, perfectly round rocks can be enjoyed up close or from a distance at the Moeraki Boulders Café.

IT’S EDUCATIONAL: The Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony is too cute to handle. Visitors can partake in a tour to get a glimpse of the little guys arriving at night after a long day fishing.

IT’S INTERESTING: Steampunk HQ was the result of creative minds coming together to produce a collection of retro-futuristic sci-fi art, movies, sculpture and sound.

IT’S HISTORIC: Oamaru seems to have it all, with the old Victorian Precinct being another attractive feature of the little town. The Steampunk HQ is situated there, so you can hit two birds with one stone (just mind the penguins).


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