BMW X4 M40i

Tiger under the hood: BMW X4 M40i

My first car was a 1957 Morris Minor – 800 side valve, split windscreen, 0 – 100… never. My friend Geoff Mahon and I rebuilt her from a wreck in someone’s yard. I once dreamed of having a BMW.


 BMW X4 M40i


As I was pushing the new X4 M40i around the Port Hills, I flashed back to driving my first car up to Sugarloaf. Man, what a machine the X4 is. Its sleek lines and technology are both beautiful and fantastic to drive, I mean fantastic.

With power and style, this 8-speed, 4-cylinder, 265kW with 500Nm beast gives you great power at the touch of the accelerator. Gone are the days of horse power and engine size. Here is the finely tuned aggressiveness that is enhanced by engineering and refinement. Its starting price is a cool $126,500. I love my job.

BMW keeps pushing the technology and vehicles forward; better and better. My next drive will be the exceptional 3 series up in Auckland. With the 330i at 190kW and 400Nm, it will have a little bit less grunt than the X4, but it’s a sedan built for a comfortable city drive. Priced at $89,900, it is coming in at an accessible price range, offering bang for your buck and a great addition to the range that BMW is excited to show the New Zealand market.




Straight after I get back from Auckland, I’m in the X5, which I’ve already had some great time in and it will be interesting to re-acquaint myself with it again however, my favourite car from the X range, the X2, is back, badder than ever with the new X2 M35i, turbo-charged 225kW 450Nm. How can they make something so good better? Give it a whopping power increase with 84kw and 170 more torque, that’s how! It’s the old X2 on steroids!

The range is moving forward with an exciting Z4 and the incredible 8-series yet to be unveiled. Christchurch will be able to see these cars as they come in at the new showroom at 107 Moorhouse Avenue. It will house everything a Bayerische Motoren Werke fan will want to see and more.

After being provided with lessons from some of the best automotive drivers in the industry and being given track time and vehicles far beyond my wildest dreams, I never take it for granted.

Geoff passed away some years back now and I often think of my mate and I working on that tiny engine into the early hours. I wish he was here to hang out and talk about the latest models to hit the highway. He would love these new BMWs. But I’m very grateful that I can at least share these experiences with you.