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Repaired the Wrightway: Wrightway Construction

Contrary to predictions of what might occur after the Covid-19 lockdown, house prices have risen and seem likely to continue to do so for while. So it’s an ideal time to complete any outstanding earthquake repairs or to have your house assessed for possible damage prior to putting it on the market.



Nearly ten years on since the earthquakes, to be talking about damage and repairs may seem unbelievable to some.

But the reality for hundreds of Christchurch families is that they are still living in damaged homes.

That damage may have only recently been discovered and identified after a house has been on-sold, or it may be the result of inadequate first-time-around repairs.

One company that is only too aware of this continuing stress on homeowners is Wrightway Construction (founded in 2012 by Hamish Wright). Wrightway is one of a small group of building companies still working closely with EQC to ensure that earthquake-damaged homes are correctly repaired, managing remedial repairs through the EQC-managed process.

“It has become apparent that many people require assistance with their claims,” says Wrightway’s Operations Manager Steve Cole.

“It is important for us to reassure them that we have the ‘right’ team and the ‘right’ skills and expertise in place to carry out the repairs properly. Clients can then feel secure to put their house on the market should they wish to do so in order to move on with the next stage of their lives.”

“Not only do we work with EQC, but we are finding more and more homeowners are approaching us directly when they have cash settled their claims and are looking for a company that truly understands the earthquake repair process and can support them all the way through from the initial assessment through to final Code Compliance.”

Wrightway’s team of forty dedicated to achieving positive outcomes and peace of mind for homeowners includes licensed building practitioners, concrete repair specialists and quantity surveyors.

The company also does house lifting, foundation replacements and re-levelling.

Where other expert input might be required Wrightway consults with a group of architects, engineers and surveyors whom the company have been working with for a number of years.

“With both the new on-sold claims and the re-repairs I see us being involved with earthquake work for several years to come. Currently we have some 24 jobs underway and many more in the pipeline. We are however always available to discuss future work with clients so we can make our contribution to the restoration of our city.”


Repairing the Repairs: WD Build + Hardy Projects

The EQC $300m policy for homeowners of over-cap on-sold properties in Canterbury enabled affected homeowners to apply for an ex gratia Government payment to have their homes repaired.


The payment was also available if the same owners had the home, but believed the repairs done post-earthquakes were not satisfactory, or overlooked levelling.

WD Build and Hardy Projects have been at the forefront of this process, helping homeowners get the correct repairs.

Recent client Ben McLean is delighted with the result he has received, “working with company owners Mitchell James and Paul Hardy was so easy – they made the process really straightforward when we didn’t have a clue about what was required.”

The house required foundation repair, partial relevel, new flooring, tiling in the bathroom, internal painting, electrics brought to code, and the underfloor insulation which had been noncompliant all replaced. he garage had its foundations dug out and replaced as well as blockwork repaired.

“The house now looks amazing,” says Ben “and the estimate of four to six months work was actually completed in 12 weeks!”

He says with Mitchell and Paul on the job the work was very well planned, started quickly, ran smoothly and was completed to a very high standard.

“I’d recommend W D Build and Hardy Projects to anyone in a heartbeat,” says Ben.

So If you need repairs undertaken or advice on where to start, call WD Build or Hardy Projects to book your free, no obligation, meeting and take the first step to getting your home repaired properly.


Expert house relevelling + Engineering services
Ph: 0800 742 739

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Leading Edge Automotive

Getting the Automotive Edge: Leading Edge Automotive

At Leading Edge Automotive, it is years of experience that gives them the ability to repair prestigious brands like Audi, Mercedes, BMW, VW and all leading European automotive names. When taking your precious asset in for service or repair, you can rest assured that the knowledgeable team at Leading Edge not only has the know-how but also the technology to do the job right, first time.


Leading Edge Automotive


With the summer heat putting the real pressure on your air conditioning system, are you taking your system for granted? Does it seem like it’s not as cool as it used to be? Did you know that you should have it serviced every two years? On average you lose 10 percent of the refrigerant gas that’s required to condition your car every year. The team at Leading Edge checks this in a service. It’s knowledge like this that puts the team above others in the market.

Leading Edge not only services but takes care of warrants of fitness, auto electrics, tyre and wheel alignments, brakes, steering and suspension and so much more using the latest diagnostic equipment.  All work is guaranteed and the team of skilled, professional people with a wide, up to date European car knowledge base are going to know what your car needs to get the job sorted.

You can find Leading Edge at or phone 03 366 3384. Find them at 480 Selwyn Street, just down from the Z Station on Moorhouse Ave; one of Christchurch’s leading automotive specialists.