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Undeniably precious remodels: Via Sollertia

Jewellery handed down or gifted to you is undeniably precious, but it if it doesn’t suit your style or is broken, you just won’t wear it. Think how much more meaningful it would be to wear the gems from a loved one, rather than just admire them in a drawer.



With Via Sollertia having the services of the South Island’s leading gem-setter, the perfect remodel is easy: your precious and semi-precious stones plus the metal can be redesigned into pieces you won’t want to take off.

You can browse pieces in store and in the catalogue and see what design styles jump out and the design process often sees people add to the components. The final design can be drawn up for you, while your stones and metal stay on site in the hands of a master craftsman. The finished piece will be personal, beautiful and a source of everyday joy.



Find Via Sollertia at 11 New Regent Street, phone 03 366 8001, or visit




Recycling your precious jewels: Filigree Fine Jewels

Many people have jewellery that sits in a drawer, that may have been inherited, be of great sentimental value, be broken or have parts missing. It could be your mum’s engagement ring or a piece of jewellery from a past relationship that you would like to suit your current style.




Remodelling old jewellery is a wonderful opportunity to recycle your metals, diamonds and gemstones and recreate these into a new and unique piece of contemporary jewellery that you can wear and enjoy for years to come.

As one of the last manufacturing jewellers left in Christchurch, Filigree Fine Jewels’ workshop and jewellers are on-site to ensure your precious item does not leave the building until it is valued. Every member of the design team is a qualified designer, while the sales assistants come from creative backgrounds with a wealth of knowledge in jewellery craftsmanship.

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