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Elegance & Attitude: Dyrberg/Kern

Street Cred and exquisitely high quality unite in the Danish jewellery brand, Dyrberg/Kern.




The name of the jewellery fashion-house, now housed in a new Merivale Mall boutique (and in Ballantynes) is not the result of random musings. It’s the joining of surnames of its jewellery designers; Copenhagen-based Gitte Dyrberg and Henning Kern. The duo has designed edgy, covetable accessories since 1985. Fortunately, New Zealand swung in on the action early and DK jewellery has been on sale here for a couple of decades already.

What’s so wonderful about these Scandi-cool treasures is their diversity. Within the Dyrberg/Kern design DNA lies a wealth of gorgeousness, and plenty of stylistic contrast. Gitte and Henning started out with a design charter to produce pieces of beauty and luxury to be worn every day. They use authentic materials… ion plated gold, silver, stainless steel, Swarovski crystals and a kaleidoscope of semi-precious gemstones. Everything possesses design integrity and refinement. Some rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces are chunky, some delicate. There’s an aesthetic to appeal to everyone.  It’s European artistic genius; even within the same piece there’s often a play between pleasing opposites.


There’s stunning detail. Part of the earring might feature a raw, opaque stone, which is set beside another gem of polished, glittery transparency. There’s something no-nonsense and satisfying about this Danish brand. Whether wearers prefer the beaten, multifaceted look, or a more uniform high-shine appearance, the end result is unfailingly sophisticated. To ensure the aesthetic their wearers choose can remain highly personal, Gitte and Henning design prolifically. They produce fashion-ranges twice each year and have iconic and classic pieces available.

National director of Dyrberg/Kern Penny Wilson is noticing a trend toward colour. “It’s exciting, vibrant and creative; a brilliant way to hit refresh,” she says. Now that fashion has for several seasons shaken off any shyness about colour and intensity, accessory-lovers have yet more reason to go crazy. Deep or zingy hues partner fabulously with gold, as do pastels with silver, though there really are no rules. Here Dyrberg/Kern has paired mauves and purples with gold, clear crystals with silver, and rose quartz and other pinks with silver.
The Compliments collection is an interchangeable ring system where you can create a custom designed ring unique to you; mix, match, contrast and stack whatever takes the wearer’s fancy. It’s a daily delight to choose.

Handmade in stainless steel, the toppers feature Swarovski crystals and natural stones such as rose quartz, tiger eye, opal, lapis lazuli and onyx. Use the online ring designer to mix and match styles, the design possibilities are endless. Featuring stand-out modern statement earrings, brides-to-be could style their entire wedding sparked by inspiration from this lust-worthy range. The bridal range is extensive and caters for every wedding style whether that be ‘modern glamour,’ ‘traditional romantic,’ or the more bohemian ‘perfectly undone’.

Whether you are a bride, bridesmaid, mother-of-the-bride or wedding guest, Dyrberg/Kern can accessorise your look to perfection. There’s even a bridal-spend inducement, in which brides receive free earrings for bridesmaids into the bargain.


Simply beautiful! Visit the new Merivale Mall shop 3a 198 Papanui Road or phone 03 355 5958