Do you breathe effectively?: The Lung Mechanic

Effective breathing feels easy, your breath is smooth, quiet, steady, and controlled. You feel relaxed, as though you are receiving enough air without any physical strain. Ineffective breathing causes a range of unhealthy symptoms most commonly experienced as breathlessness, chest pain, palpitations, anxiety, and the feeling of not getting enough air in,” says Catherine George […]

Summer sunscreen savvy

Every year, 80,000 New Zealanders are diagnosed with skin cancer; the highest incidence in the world. What’s worse, our ‘she’ll be right’ attitude makes this fact unsurprising. Just last year, a new law was introduced, cracking down on the criteria that sunscreens need to meet, to be sold to the public. This means some of […]

When you’re ready: Fertility Associates

Almost everyone thinks that babies will come when you’re ready to have them, but life is full of the unexpected. Often, young people look to finish their education, settle into their own home and progress in their careers before trying for a family. Currently, the average age of a mother pregnant with her first born […]

A strong mantra is key: Total Body Concept

Three decades in business is impressive, but under the same ownership, with the founding directors Debbie and Rob McGregor still working in the business even rarer. Debbie’s training and early career as a nurse made it a natural progression into starting up Total Body Concept and specialising in skin care. Multi award-winning clinic, the Total […]

Researching endo

University of Canterbury Engineering Lecturer Dr Rachael Wood, PhD student Katherine Ellis and Engineering Senior Lecturer Dr Deborah Munro, are carrying out ground-breaking endometriosis research. A Canterbury scientist hopes her newly-funded research will lead to better ways of managing endometriosis, a disease that affects more than 100,000 Kiwi women. Dr Rachael Wood, from the University […]

Dedicated to skin safety: Colour Me Safe

What began as a start-up is now a recognised beacon of innovation in the heart of Canterbury. W ithin a year, it has evolved into an essential safety solution for hair and beauty salons and their valued clientele. Beyond its patented packaging, Colour Me Safe has pioneered a technology platform dedicated to ensuring a future […]

Tumescent Liposuction contours curves: KM Surgical

This is an age when good body contours can often be achieved through safe and effective liposuction procedures. In Christchurch, KM Surgical, is a leading dermatology facility, offering cosmetic medicine and surgery, including liposuction, laser treatments of all sorts, and skin cancer treatments with Mohs surgery. Tumescent Liposuction is local anaesthetic surgery that has a […]

Do I have hearing loss?: Hear Again

Hearing loss is very common, but often occurs very gradually so you might not be fully aware of it. Below are some useful questions to help determine whether you’re experiencing some hearing loss. Does it sound like people around you are mumbling or speaking quietly? Are you needing the TV volume louder than others find […]

Unlock your power

Health food producer Quest Nutrition has come up with several top fitness hacks, aimed at improving gym prowess. Here are two: Power of Progressive Overload: Your workout plan should be designed to challenge you continuously. You’ll start to experience real gains when you gradually increase the intensity of your workouts—whether it’s adding more weight, increasing […]

Dr Libby says …

People regularly share that once they start eating something sweet, it feels impossible to stop. Or, that when they try to reduce their sugar intake, their tastebuds have other plans. Often, they feel ashamed of this and berate themselves for eating more than intended. However, it’s not a lack of willpower driving this. There are […]