Do you grind your teeth?

People suffering from stress or anxiety may also be grinding their teeth and clenching their jaws, unwittingly causing jaw pain. Some people don’t even realise they’re doing it, especially during their sleep. Unconscious, stress-induced teeth grinding is called bruxism, and it is relatively common. One oral surgeon in America recently estimated that it affects between […]

Breathe deep, breathe well: The Lung Mechanic

Few of us today would refute the firm evidence that warm, dry homes improve health outcomes, while cold, damp homes increase the risk of respiratory issues, such as asthma. For those suffering from asthma, breathing well is vital to help manage the condition and reduce attacks. Catherine George of The Lung Mechanic says the first […]

Stuck in ‘fight or flight’ mode? Connect Chiropractic

You have most likely heard of the acute stress response that we call ‘fight or flight’. It is likely you know someone, or you yourself are stuck in this mode. So, what exactly is it and what stimulates it? Why are so many stuck in this state, and what are the repercussions? ‘Fight or flight’ […]

Breaking the silence on men’s pelvic health: Muscle People

In the healthcare field, some topics remain clouded in silence and societal taboos. Men’s pelvic health undoubtedly falls into this category, often overlooked, despite the profound impact such issues can have on quality of life when left unaddressed. Muscle People Physiotherapy aims to help change that with their new men’s pelvic physiotherapy service. The pelvis […]

Metropol Inspire: Harnessing the power of experience

Championing change in mental healthcare are two researchers from University of Canterbury, who hope to transform the service provided by working with those who have experienced it firsthand. Adopting a new way of researching the mental healthcare service is proving beneficial for UC public health Senior Lecturer Dr Kaaren Mathias and Associate Professor and investigator […]

Elevating health and community: the Kind Foundation

Making a difference in the world is the specific purpose of an exciting new gym that has just opened in Christchurch. Operating an incredible fitness centre and promoting good health, with members who value their membership and engage with others, while empowering the community, is Elevate Fitness’ way of doing that.“All our earnings are returned […]

Your perfect matcha

If you have seen people walking out of the coffee shop with a green-coloured drink, or heard those around you talk about switching their morning coffee for matcha, you’re not alone. When Gwyneth Paltrow took to Instagram to rave about her matcha latte at a New York City coffee shop in 2015, the craze began […]

Stay fit and healthy with team sports: Pacific Radiology

Did you know that team sports can do more than just help you stay fit? A  team sport can help you and your children learn vital life skills including teamwork, self-control, leadership, and decision making. Rugby, our national sport, can teach these skills and more. Here in Canterbury rugby is more than just a game, […]

Two minute bowel cancer check

Bowel cancer is the second highest cause of cancer death in New Zealand, with over 1200 people dying each year, as many as breast and prostate cancer combined. June has been Bowel Cancer Awareness Month, a timely reminder for Kiwis to learn the symptoms and take action this winter. “We are losing far too many […]

Managing muscle soreness

More people are hitting the gym and engaging in strength-based training than ever before. Exercise New Zealand findings show that in the first half of 2024, the industry saw a surge of new members, with most clubs reporting a 5% growth compared with 2023. The most common activity is strength training, followed closely by group […]