July men’s picks

CURATED BY NINA TUCKER Sleek shoes, boxy jackets and cosy sweaters are my favourites this month, offering both off-duty and nice-night-out energy. Marry a cool classic look and a seductive allure with these hues, and pair that with a bold, sexy fragrance. Main image: Navy Shetland sweater, Rembrandt.  

Tweed trending

BY NINA TUCKER Tweed was popular in the farming industries across Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and England, and quickly adopted by the royal family. The durability and warmth of the textile originally served a purpose for farmers in harsh weather, before becoming an infamous material on haute couture runways since Chanel’s debut tweed collection in 1924. […]

Scintillating scents

Choosing a scent or perfume is not always easy, given the gorgeous array available. By Lynda Papesch. I’ve been known to pick a perfume because I love the bottle it’s in, and I’m not alone in that. Some people collect perfume bottles, simply to enjoy their packaging. Selecting a perfume to wear is a different […]

Leather luxuries

Leather is potentially one of the most cherished textiles in the fashion industry. By Nina Tucker. Durable, water-resistant, and authentic, leather is desired the world over. Then, there is the cult status that comes with a luxury leather bag. It becomes the hero in a look. Leather is the statement that brings some edge, coolness, […]

Eyebrows number one: Angela Millar

Recent studies on facial recognition and attractiveness confirm eyebrows are the most important facial feature. They are what frame the face. If the 1970s taught us anything, it was that overly plucked eyebrows did nobody any favours. Angela Millar has thirty years of experience within the beauty industry, with the last eight years specialising in […]

Sleeveless wonder

Seen plenty in fashion weeks over recent months, the vest has been a growing trend. In addition to the coveted knit vest, the suit version is a growing favourite in the vest family. Flattering, breathable, and luxurious, the suit vest is a chic outfit add-on that can be dressed up or down, and worn with […]