Nailing it: Feet First Podiatry

Whether you’re toeing the line or dragging your feet with regards to specialist care, feet are more than a metaphor, and deserve professional attention, especially with debilitating toenail pain. Prolonging unhealthy toenail conditions causes significant complications and adversely compromises wellbeing, regular activities, and footwear compatibility. A professional diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan is essential. Common […]

Spring fling: Made in the Shade

With winter done and dusted, women want something fresh and exciting to replace the drab, dated garb hanging in their wardrobes. Spring gives the opportunity to declutter. Recycle unwanted clothes to charities to free up space for a total spring makeover. Made in the Shade represents quality labels from Aotearoa and overseas. Ali and Joslyn […]

Cold as ice: Cryo System

Applying cold or ice is an accepted treatment for many injuries and ailments. The cold constricts blood vessels and decreases circulation to the area, helping alleviate pain, inflammation and reduce swelling. These principles are applied in a more advanced and time-efficient way by a process called cryotherapy, available in Christchurch at Cryo System. Therapy takes […]

Made for the elements: ECCO Shoes

A bold new statement sneaker is setting a fast pace across the country. Sneaker lovers can now make a giant step forward with this favourite form of footwear thanks to ECCO Outdoor and its new BIOM 2.0 range. From the urban to the suburban jungle, to nature, the BIOM 2.0 sets the scene with futuristic […]

Creating with passion

Best known among the brides and bridesmaids of Christchurch, Stacey Banfield is paving the way for young women in business and showing what a whole lot of talent and passion looks like. Metropol chats to her about her journey so far. An incredibly talented make-up artist by trade, Stacey’s creativity is not limited to the […]

Back pain specialists: Muscle People

Whether back pain strikes after a sports game where you took one for the team, it has crept up on you with the passing years, or you simply reached for the can opener in your own kitchen and something went pop, you’ll know that back pain is debilitating – casting a cloud over every aspect […]