Holistic health and beauty: Me Time Wellness

Winter often sees fitness classes swapped for fireside sessions, and while cosying indoors feels great, unfortunately, lack of exercise can make us more susceptible to pain. Up to 80% of pain is caused by trigger points activated by factors such as emotional, or exogenous/endogenous related issues. Me Time Wellness offers a treatment that can identify […]

A guide to mixing gold and silver jewellery

Labelled a ‘defining trend’ of 2024, blending silver and gold metals in the same look is everywhere at fashion weeks lately, and those embracing it haven’t done so lightly. Huge gold bangles stacked on silver ones, multiple rings of both metals worn on one hand, and chains layered upon chains — the aesthetic has come […]

New season style: Haar Design

Experimenting with hairstyles and cuts is all the rage right now. Precision and passion merge in the Haar Design salon, and those attributes are especially helpful when hunting for a new season hairstyle. Expertise is key, and having a stylist you trust makes all the difference in finding the correct cut and colour, to remain […]

Editor’s picks

WITH LYNDA PAPESCH When the travel bug hits, and the suitcases emerge, it’s time to think small for carry-on luggage. Most airlines have requirements for carry-on bags, including having liquids in 100ml bottles or less, and separately sealed in a clear plastic bag. This includes items such as perfume, deodorant, foundation, sunscreen, and even toothpaste. […]

Scintillating scents

Choosing a scent or perfume is not always easy, given the gorgeous array available. By Lynda Papesch. I’ve been known to pick a perfume because I love the bottle it’s in, and I’m not alone in that. Some people collect perfume bottles, simply to enjoy their packaging. Selecting a perfume to wear is a different […]

Eyebrows number one: Angela Millar

Recent studies on facial recognition and attractiveness confirm eyebrows are the most important facial feature. They are what frame the face. If the 1970s taught us anything, it was that overly plucked eyebrows did nobody any favours. Angela Millar has thirty years of experience within the beauty industry, with the last eight years specialising in […]