Hamner Springs

Destination Recharge!

Hanmer Springs, only a 90 minute drive from the city, has the reputation for being a sports destination and all that encompasses, from cycling, tramping and off roading, to boating, fishing, bird watching and hunting.


Hamner Springs


The less known secret is that Hanmer Springs is the perfect destination for a day trip or longer, simply when you need to recharge your batteries. The topic of mental health is a ‘hot’ global focus, with research validating the importance of brain breaks, going for a walk or just taking time to unwind. This helps your body operate in peak condition in today’s warp-speed society where the to-do lists are long and seemingly never-ending.

A change of scenery is the best medicine, even if only for an hour or two. The physical pick me up a change of scenery provides is invaluable when you return refreshed, clear-headed and ready to tackle your list again.  As the year is now totally underway, put yourself at the top of your list and take care of your mental health. When you are in the need of a change of scenery, think outside the box for a place to take refuge and experience some quiet.

A place you can spend an afternoon by yourself or with a loved one, just meandering for a stroll or having a cup of tea, or just sitting under a tree on the grass. The drive to Hanmer Springs can be just as calming as you listen to music or a book on tape or just enjoy the quiet of the road.



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