Lamb shanks with garlic with rosemary

“This recipe was given to me by an old schoolmate. It is tried and true, a classic winter comfort dish.” Metropol editor Lynda Papesch. Ingredients Serves 4 ­­— Prep time 10 mins Cook time 3 hours 4 lamb shanks 2 cups beef stock 1 cup red wine Zest of 1 lemon 1/2 cup tomato puree […]

Great food and service: The Fine Lion

Imagine a local establishment that is as comfortable as your own living room, but possibly featuring a more interesting fitout. This establishment can provide every drink you can think of, and offers a range of food, whether full meals or snacks, to suit your every fancy. When the weather is cool, it is cosy and […]

Slow cooked melt-in-your mouth

Braising, aka slow cooking, is great any time of the year for tougher cuts of meat, but really comes into its own during winter. Slow cookers are an excellent way to ensure dinner is ready when you walk in the door after work. Or create and pop your favourite slow dish dish in the oven […]

Nothing odd about these treats: Oddfellows Cafe

You, your steaming cup of hot coffee, eggs benedict on rosemary hash, heaped with house-made pulled pork. Bliss. Renowned for their fresh coffee from the home of the original Hummingbird roastery, Oddfellows Café in Addington also has a huge variety of delicious home-made baked goods (you must try the famous buttermilk date scones). “Our coffee, […]

Delhi inspired delights: Indian Roots

A light and fluffy naan bread dipped in a saucy curry is a favourite meal for many, and no surprise considering Indian cuisine is loved for being flavourful, warming and delicious. The dream of husband-and-wife duo Kiah and Ron, Indian Roots celebrates authentic Indian cuisine, just as they remember from their life in India. After […]

Yummy goodies for everyone: Pique-Nique Cafe

What is a road trip without that fantastic eatery we have come to know and love because it caters to everyone in the car? Let’s face it, food is a subject everybody has a view on, and when you find the place that has obviously put thought, heart and soul into that subject, that’s the […]

Great food and entertainment: Kaiapoi Club

The success of a club often rests with what it offers its local community. When it comes to hospitality, entertainment and social activities, the Kaiapoi Club has been an integral part of the Kaiapoi community for more than 130 years. It’s not a club that rests on its laurels of established longevity. “We are always […]

Toasty treats: Red Post Cafe

It’s amazing how people are drawn towards the flames of an open fire. And when there is mulled wine to sip while enjoying the fire’s ambiance and warmth, it really doesn’t get much better. This is all on offer in the picturesque restored villa in Culverden that houses Red Post Cafe. The Prenzel mulled wine […]

Beering up for winter: Wigram Brewing

Recent research into dark beers has shown that, like red wine, they can help prevent blood clots, because of flavonoids – the micronutrients that reduce cholesterol build-up in the arteries. Dark beers are more complex than light beers as they have more ingredients (such as vitamin B9 enriched folic acid) hence their lingering aftertaste. Dark […]

Perfect pasta every time: Pasta Vera

The hospitality industry around Christchurch finally has something to be excited about. The prospect of full restaurants without Covid-19 restrictions is a step closer. The fresh pasta manufacturing company Pasta Vera shares this excitement. The team can’t wait to play its part in the renaissance by providing chefs and restaurants with its range of quality […]