Blonde, beachy, beautiful: Haar Design

Gisele Bündchen made them popular, and they are still trending now: beachy blonde waves are the secret to your best summer yet.

Caro Haar (owner)

This effortless hairstyle embodies simplistic glam and is the best addition for all of your summer occasions. With Christmas events back on the calendar, the team at Haar Design are ecstatic, with all the tools, knowledge and expertise to craft the perfect beachy curl or colour.

Without the worry of sand or sun-damage, the team has specific products to make you look bronzed and beautiful.

Lighten up for summer: sea salt sprays and sun-kissed colour from their colour experts encompass the carefree vibrance of the season. Award-winning stylist and director, Caro Haar has all the right tricks to create your best look yet.

“It’s about creating beautiful hair,” and that’s exactly what her team does every day. The salon team appreciates all of their loyal clients and wishes them a Merry Christmas. To secure your summer hairstyle, book in now to look great for all events, Christmas and beyond.

Treat yourself or loved ones with the salon’s high-quality products, Christmas gift packs and gift vouchers instore at 90 St Albans Street, Merivale, or online.

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