A fling with bling

A fling with bling

It’s an exciting decision that can be made in a heartbeat, or after months of pondering. After all, it’s a forever investment, a future heirloom – the token of true love. While still mainly classic in design and elegance, there are a few fabulous points of difference when it taking a fling with bling in 2019.


A fling with bling


We look at the latest trends in engagement rings that you can expect to see this year.

Split-shank settings
Two open bands, often of fine diamantes, spread out to join the centre piece. This gives the illusion of wearing two rings, creating a delicate, open design.

Oval cuts
Model Hailey Baldwin’s engagement ring from her beau Justin Beiber – an opulent oval diamond solitaire – stunned the media and cinched the trend. Oval shapes can also go to extremes, narrowing to elongated points; a nod to art deco.

Oh so royal in blue, as seen on the elegant fingers of Lady Diana and Kate Middleton – sapphires are stars in the latest ring choices. Meanwhile, Lady Gaga and Princess Eugenie were pretty in pink, with feminine rosy-hued sapphires.

Stackable and nested diamonds
Paris Hilton doubled up with this trend of more is more. Rings that nest in together or create a row on the ring finger is all the go. Three otherwise delicate bands are a dramatic eye-catching ensemble. And then there’s the flexibility to wear just one or two.

Halo settings
A cushioned solitaire gem encircled by a cluster of diamantes is a graceful classic that makes a standout statement. We will also see unique takes on classic spheres, with intricate and unique shaping.

Coloured gems
Coloured precious gems are personalising brides to be. Emeralds, aquamarine, topaz, ruby, morganite, and other dazzlers, create a perfect marriage combined with the scintillating sparkle of diamonds.

Yellow gold bands
After years of whiter metals taking the limelight, yellow gold is finally warming and brightening the tone. Gold is encircling ring fingers in hardwearing 14k and 18k luxury.

Three stones
We are still in love with Megan Markle’s three-stones-in-a-row tradition. However, a modern twist upon a classic is incorporating different shapes and coloured gemstones.

Interesting shapes
Gems are also going tear drop, diamond, rectangular or pear-shaped. And some sparkly clusters are more organically formed, as opposed to manufactured.

East-west settings
With the gem set horizontally across the width of the band, the ring then appears more fluid in design – and interestingly, imparts a different kind of sparkle.



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