A Circus Act

Acrobatic skills which took your breath away were the opening act of this year’s Bread and Circus festival. The talented and highly skilled Limbo performers were front and centre with the shock factor of this extreme entertainment, leaving crowds wondering how the human body could contort, stretch and bend into such positions.


The Limbo Performers at Bread and Circus


Their heart-stopping illusions and mind-bending manoeuvres which incorporated spectacular dance moves and thrilling music is inspiring their Christchurch audiences to try their hand at the latest trend of athletic sport, based on training for the circus. The days of old, when the saying, ‘I’m running away to the circus’ was common place has made a comeback in full flair with the movie The Greatest Showman, which highlighted the history behind the circus and personal acceptance.

Cirque de Sol is another highly publicised and popular acrobatic performance which has inspired people of all ages to try their hand at training in circus sport and skills. Around town there are classes and workshops offered in aerial skills, balancing, juggling and much more through the Christchurch Circus Trust, enabling you to live out your childhood dreams.

Training as a circus acrobat falls into a category of its own, which not only adds sport as the base, but also includes the drama of how to entertain a crowd in a fun, engaging and larger than life, showstopping kind of way. The vibrance and energy behind the circus offers a healthy and fun exercise choice.



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