What’s in your garage?

Names such as Lotus, Lamborghini and Maserati spin the wheels of many who enjoy the finer things in life. Indeed cars have been status symbols since 1886 when the first “vehicle powered by a gas engine” was patented by Carl Benz. Designs have evolved since then with some fabulous, many flops and numerous favourites standing […]

Electrifying new chapter

The All-Electric MX-30 is the ultimate expression of Mazda’s commitment to a sustainable future. It also carries the distinction of being the first mass-produced fully electric vehicle to carry the Mazda emblem. Having been impressed with the Mild Hybrid variant a few months back, I was itching to see just how the EV variant compares. […]

Remarkable design and performance

The Lexus IS is a bit of a dark horse in the Lexus family. Due to a surge in SUV sales, the IS has taken a back seat in recent times. But for 2021, the IS has been refreshed, and still exudes quality. The mid-range IS300h F Sport featured here has an entirely new spindle […]

Lotus returns to NZ

Lotus is back. The iconic sports car brand returns to New Zealand as part of the Giltrap Group under the name of Lotus Auckland. Lotus Auckland will be involved in selling new Lotus models and supply parts and servicing for all Lotus models from the past and present. “We are thrilled to represent Lotus in […]

Feel-good vibes

Ford has always been about teamwork. The first Model T rolling off the world’s first moving assembly line was the result of a team of skilled individuals doing their utmost.   From the factory floor to Henry Ford’s office, the blue oval has built solid foundations based on teamwork, and this mantra continues with Avon […]

Firing on all cylinders: Kevin Burt Automotive Limited

When it comes to quality European car brands such as Mercedes, Audi, BMW, and Volkswagen, keeping them in pristine order is a sure-fire way to keep them running sweetly for years to come.     This can naturally be done through your Euro brand’s official dealer, though the zeros on the bill may be more […]

Fly me to the moon

  For around AU$1 million plus, you too could own a flying car.   With a real-life flying car completing its first-ever test flight, and various car manufactures discussing the reality of taking to the skies, the UK-based Pentagon Motor Group decided to research actual costs for future ownership. The company analysed the average sales […]

Bentley takes flight

  The Bentley Flying Spur W12 is not so much a car, but more of a stately home on wheels.     Your average imitation of Sandringham House or Balmoral doesn’t however fly on the roads like this does. Thanks to Bentley Auckland, I was given the chance to experience the first new Flying Spur […]

A refreshing highlander

  For some, a Highlander is a rugby player from the deep south, to others, an 80s fantasy film starring Sean Connery. To Toyota, a Highlander is a mid-sized SUV, and a big seller.     For 2021, the Highlander has been refreshed for the fourth time, with a recent launch in Auckland and Paihia […]

Smooth and sustainable

  The Mazda MX-30 has been in the pipeline for some time. Now it is finally here, and set to spearhead Mazda’s goal of a sustainable future.     The MX-30 is available as a Mild-Hybrid and pure EV. My test car was the MX-30 Limited 2.0L Petrol Mild-Hybrid. The 2.0L petrol e-Skyactiv-G four cylinder […]