Well-rounded driving

With much fanfare, Honda says its new CR-V is all about “dreaming bigger”. Ben Selby reports. From a design point of view, the dream comes true for the sixth generation. It’s 80mm longer, 10mm wider, and sports a 40mm longer wheelbase thanks to all-new underpinnings. It’s a good-looking SUV, with a new honeycomb grill, rear […]

A lot of Lotus

It’s the end of an era for Lotus. The coveted Hethel-based sports car brand founded by the late great Colin Chapman has made the decision to transition towards an all electric future. Ben Selby reports. That said, Lotus’ internal combustion is not going out quietly. Say hello to the Emira, the last petrol powered Lotus, […]

Mixing flair with comfort: Armstrongs

Citroën have always made it their business to stand out and offer cars that blend quirky styling cues with forward thinking engineering. Ben Selby reports. You only need look at icons like the DS, 2CV, and CX to get the drift. Citroën’s latest foray into the future of motoring takes the form of the e-C4. […]

Torque Talk: Going topless

“Summer breeze, makes me feel fine.” What springs to mind when we think of that iconic lyric from Seals and Crofts’  Summer Breeze song? For me, it’s a summer drive with the top down and not a care in the world. How often, however, do those with a convertible car actually go topless? It seems to be […]

Make it Mazda

Just when you thought the CX-9 was the ultimate luxury SUV from Mazda, we now have this. Called the CX-90 Takami, it is the new pinnacle of luxury with a Mazda badge. Is it any good though? The $93,490 CX-90 Takami sits atop the Mazda family, not just in terms of their SUVs, but the […]

Mercedes Benz C43 AMG

AMG is changing. The in-house powerhouse performance arm of Mercedes-Benz is no longer focused on solely on fire-spitting V8s. While I love one of these fire spitting AMG V8s as much as the next person, I have become rather interested in how Mercedes are able to extract similar levels of power from a smaller displacement […]

All-rounder: Honda ZR-V

A colleague asked me, “Is that a Maserati you’re driving this week?” When I said it was the new Honda ZR-V, he was genuinely surprised. Honda hasn’t been openly mistaken for a piece of Italian automotive exotica since the NSX. The ZR-V is Honda’s latest compact crossover SUV. It’s not a bad looker either, and […]

Into the future

Japan’s cutting edge Mobility Show in October saw the unveiling of several “next generation” vehicles by Toyota. Populating a stand themed “Let’s Change the Future of Cars – Find Your Future”, the group reveal included a fully electric ute, an all-electric Land Cruiser, a low-slung battery electric sports car, and a new cross-over styled e-SUV […]

Dare to Ducati: Casbolts Motorcycles

Ducati is easily one of the most evocative names in motorcycle history. Founded in 1923 by Antonio Ducati and his three sons, Adriano, Marcello, and Bruno, the brand started as a maker of condensers and radio components before breaking into motorcycle production in 1950. Since then, the Bologna-based company has grown into a producer of […]

Drive on in: Tyres 2 go

The summer holidays are fast approaching. This is all the more reason why you need to make sure your car’s rubber is up to scratch. Not to mention the wheel alignment and balancing. Tyres 2 Go know how important it is to be road trip ready, and to ensure your method of transport to the […]