Getting to the guts of it: Pacific Radiology

Cutting edge research plays a vital role in today’s medical field, determining which treatments work best, new treatments, and ensuring existing treatments are used in the best possible ways. Aside from diagnosing diseases and health problems, medical research provides insights that give us hope that there is a chance to lessen the impact of health […]

Masking it

Fabric face masks have become one of the “must-have” accessories these days, to help keep Covid-19 at bay. Mandatory in public situations, there’s no reason they can’t be as fashionable as the rest of your attire. Many New Zealand companies are designing and producing good quality masks in a range of fashionable (and safe) options. […]

Tightening, the gentle way: Face Value

Trending procedures in cosmetic medicine are minimally invasive treatments that stimulate collagen production. One of the newest of these are mono threads; smooth, non-barbed threads that tighten the skin when lifting is not required. Ideal for rejuvenating the skin without adding volume or ‘bulk’ to the treatment area, mono threads are a complement to volumising […]

Waxing lyrical about hearing: Bellbird Hearing

From the moment you walk through the door of the recently established Bellbird Hearing clinic, you have a sense of a warm and caring environment. The waiting area is inviting, the staff welcoming – a place designed to overcome any reluctance patients may associate with requiring treatment for hearing loss. After any ear wax removal, […]

It’s time to Talk Peach

September is gynaecological awareness month, and Talk Peach is the Kiwi organisation making big moves to educate about gynaecological cancers. Founder Tash Crosby shares her story in hopes to educate and support women across the country. Diagnosed with ovarian cancer at 36 years old, Tash is one of the mere 15% of people that caught […]

Seeing the future: Anstice Optometrists

Childhood vision issues can have wide-ranging effects – on their learning, participation in sport or other activities. “A child could be having difficulty concentrating or they could lack confidence in their academic work. This can be put down to a lack of interest, when actually they’re having difficulty seeing,” says Jeremy Fox, of Anstice Optometrists. […]