Cocktails at home

It is the last month of spring which means that the summer season is fast approaching, and the majority want to frolic on the beach and enjoy the sun, sand, and sea or probably go to the lake. However, our current situation prevented us from pursuing these beautiful plans. Although the introduction of the vaccines to combat the Covid-19 virus gave the people hope that life will go back to normal someday, some people don’t want to take the chance and prefer to study or work at home.

Being confined at home in a wonderful and warm season can be dull but looking at the bright side, you can enjoy summer even when confined at home. Cool cocktail drinks are a good kick start of the day whether you are having a barbeque in the garden or simply reading a good novel. Some people find it pleasurable to wager online while sipping cool drinks with a little bit of spirit. Margarita and good, decent casino sites can be a perfect combination. Learn about online casino in NZ -for a more relaxing summer with a piña colada on the side. Casinocrawlers is a top-rate casino site in New Zealand and the site consistently introduces top gambling sites plus hard to resist bonuses. They meticulously review their casino sites to ensure the safety and peace of mind of the players. Did I pique your interest? Feel free to check their site for a more fun online casino experience.

Cocktail drinks are a combination of a drink of your choice with a dash of spirit. It can be syrup, fruit juice, cream or even cola, soda, and cold chocolate. Basically, it is a combination of sugar, water, spirits, and bitters- a traditional alcoholic mixed with herbs and other botanical matter which results in a bitter taste.

Cocktails you can make at home:

If it is difficult for us to go out to enjoy cocktails then let’s make our version at home. You’ll be surprised how easy it is.

  1.     Piña Colada

Nobody can resist this smooth, sweet, citrusy, and creamy taste mixed with liquor. With a combination of pineapple juice, coconut cream, 60 ml white rum, and a handful of crushed ice, you can surprise your family and friends with this cool drink at your veranda.

  1.     Martini

Considered as the king of cocktails, Martini is perfect on warm romantic nights. This type of drink comes in various ways for it can be added with citrus or mint but the classic is still a hit. A combination of dry gin, a dash of dry vermouth on a chilled glass seemed perfect.

  1.     Margarita

Nobody can resist the allure of the salty and punchy kick of this classic cocktail drink. IF you’re having a small gathering at home with family or friends, you can treat them to your very own margarita at any time of the day. It consists of citrus juice such as lime, tequila, Cointreau for sweetener, and salt on half of the rim of your glass. Decorate it with a slice of orange and an umbrella.

  1.     Whisky Highball

Playing billiards at home or maybe online poker with friends is the best along with whisky highball. A touch of mint and warm liquor combined would send anybody in the mood for an adrenaline rush type of game. A combination of lemon zest, mint leaf, crushed ice cube, sparkling water, and 50 ml whisky sure works magic.

  1.     Tequila Sunrise

Any given day off is as good as a weekend if enjoyed with the all-time favorite Tequila. This drinks rage in the ’70s and is still enjoyed up to now. It has a fruity taste of lemon and orange combined with grenadine syrup famous for its reddish color, a dash of tequila, and triple sec orange-flavored liqueur topped with ice cubes. Add cherry at the top to create a wonderful drink to be enjoyed on sunny days.

Essential things you need to make cocktails:

Aside from the fruit juices in a can or organic and various spirits especially tequila, gin, and rum, we need utensils. We need these things for us to create a perfect drink such as a cocktail shaker. Remember, to create a wonderful cocktail drink, different flavors should be blended well to create perfect harmony. Glasswares are also essential to create a mood. Believe me, it is not enticing to drink Martini in a tall glass. A good presentation is still the best impression.

Final insight:

To have fun and enjoy life is not a crime. Having cocktails at home forms a bond with friends and strengthens the relationship of couples. Nevertheless, drinking moderately is still advised.

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