artisan textures

Artisan textures: why you should consider furnishing your home with a shop local and keep it natural approach

Home decor enjoys taking a walk on the wild side a lot of the time, but this year, au natural is the king of the castle. When we think natural, we think artisan furniture – handmade with a raw edge. This aesthetic is by no means a perfectionist when it comes to looks and personality […]


Easy living: minimalism and the art of achieving simplicity in your home

Simple living is easier said than done. Not dissimilar to the skill involved with writing a concise, compelling letter, the art of creating a minimalist space that makes an impact takes creative courage and a sense of conviction that less truly is more. It’s a challenge not for the faint hearted. If you’re a minimalist […]


Shake it off: get moving with these five music or dance based workouts that are so much fun it will make you forget you’re exercising

Whether you’ve got fantastic rhythm, or two left feet, we’re going to help you find your groove. Balboat, ballet, ballroom and other traditional forms of toe-tapping fitness have received a major facelift with a new generation of dance taking the world by storm. We’ve got the rundown on the moves you need to make your […]

Wedding Vows

I take thee: what to consider when choosing your wedding vows

Wedding vows: they’ve commanded a lot of attention over the years. They’ve made us laugh, they’ve made us cry and sometimes, for those of us who have had to scribe these wedding days words, they’ve really intimidated us. There’s debate over who actually said it, but we’ll take a gamble on the fact it was […]


Honeymoon must haves: five things to sort before your romantic getaway

While we’ve never needed an excuse to keep the style party going long after the curtain has fallen on our big day, the honeymoon presents such a significant opportunity to introduce some chic newbies to our wardrobes that we couldn’t let the opportunity go by without making a fashionable fuss. If your wedding falls in […]


Sweet like chocolate: don’t neglect the colour brown in your wardrobe

It’s the underdog. Never a narcissist about what it has to offer. It gets on well with its counterparts. And it’s the colour of chocolate, a great form of escapism. Quite frankly, there’s little to frown about when it comes to brown. It may have born the brunt of some misguided criticism at times; heckled […]

Wedding planning

For every season : weather and weddings when to tie the knot

Whether you want a winter wonderland or a spring soiree, every season can play to its strengths; it just comes down to which of the weather gods you want to work their magic on your big day. While we don’t like to deal in cliches, we are keen advocates of what each season is synonymous […]


Mellow yellow: interior designers are bringing the sunshine inside with yellow decor

In the past, yellow has suffered from a bit of an image problem. But it seems interior designers have launched a full-blown PR campaign advocating for its acceptance into the colour hall of fame and public perception of this sunny shade is looking up. Once treated as somewhat of an enigma, it’s now embraced as […]

Wedding dress

Bridal gown style guide: how to choose “The Dress” for your dream wedding

The sentiment and commitment of any wedding day are, of course, the most important statements, but let’s be honest, the piece de resistance – the moment that leaves guests waiting with bated breath – is the entrance of the bride in her chosen attire, most traditionally, a gown. If you are planning your big moment […]


Bohemian bedrooms: how to get this easy-going carefree look in your own home

Bohemian decor can’t help but be a stand-out style in any room. Bohemian is too hip to be square; it’s a welcome digression away from the conversative; proudly eclectic. Whoever partners with this concept must appreciate an adventurous aesthetic. A free-spirit, bohemian decor embraces culture, colour and carefree style – from compelling patterns and fiery […]