Visions of the real

Local artist Kees Bruin has seen great success throughout his career, with a multitude of awards, and his work now represented in collections around the world. Metropol catches up with him following his most recent endeavour. Like many artists, Bruin discovered his gift at an early age, winning an art class contest at the age […]

Wardrobe refresh

Step into the new year fresh with a fun selection of wardrobe pieces, that make outfitting a breeze. Perfect for if you are heading back to the office or lapping up the last of your holidays in the sun, opt for styles that are versatile and can be worn in multiple ways. Beautiful prints inspired […]

Love is in the air

Not everyone chooses to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but if you do, we have some loved up style inspiration for you. Whether you are celebrating with partners of friends, a day dedicated to showing some love and affection calls for the perfect outfit. We have drawn inspiration from the traditional colours of love, reds and pinks […]

Summer short loving

The summer sun is (hopefully) here for the next few months, so wardrobes must be ready for warm days with clothes that keep us cool. Shorts come in all shapes, lengths, and fits, and there is something for everyone’s different preferences. Denim shorts are a classic staple and can range from distressed denim to high-waisted […]

Colour me bright and beautiful

Colour is back and better than ever. Runways around the world are celebrating the beautiful bright hues of the colour wheel, in expressions of fun and creativity. Colour blocking is all about taking different colours and pairing them together to make interesting and complementary combinations that create bold and beautiful impact. Blue and orange, and […]

Sunny days, balmy nights

Incoming dreamy summer weekends, consisting of lounging in the sun, soaking up rays and maybe taking a dip, then easing into a night of socialising outside with friends, be it in the backyard around a barbecue or heading out to sip on cooling cocktails as the sun sets. In the warm weather, fashion has a […]

White chocolate and cherry cheesecake: Keepers

Ingredients Cheesecake 400g vanilla wine biscuits 200g butter, melted 500g cream cheese 1 cup caster sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla bean paste 3 eggs 1 Tbsp cornflour 250g sour cream 200g white chocolate, melted Cherry compote 500g frozen pitted cherries ½ cup sugar 1 Tbsp Bakers Blend, OR 1/2 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp sugar, 1/2 tsp […]

The scrunchie gains a hold

Style tends to be a bit of history repeating itself and that aptly applies to hair styles as well. The ‘scrunchie’ is most definitely back and it has a hold on all of us again. Hailing from circa 1980, you can now (once again) find them at shops all over town. That essential elastic band […]

Cocktail DIY

Throwing a cocktail party at home is easier than you can imagine. Sort out a few recipes, a few key tools and ingredients, plus a group of friends and you’re set to go. Stock up on ice, fruit for garnishes, fruit juices to add and a few spices also. Here is Metropol’s guide to successful […]

Skin shield on

The more we learn about the importance of everyday sun protection, the more wonderful products are being created to keep our precious skin shielded from harmful rays. It is recommended you wear face sunscreen every day, even the gloomy ones or days you are mostly indoors. Why? Because even behind the clouds and through glass […]